Gold Tones Playing at Sumner 2017

The Gold Tones Jazz Orchestra from Cuyahoga Falls Highschool Played a gig Monday Jan. 30, 2017 for the residents and families at Concordia at Sumner. Click the link to watch them perform. – Main Concert – bonus song

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Basketball videos are being locked

Today I was asked to lock the videos of the basketball games. The coach will have priority to see the game first. I will open the game footage up at a later date to parents and family of the players. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Currently the 7th grade games will remain open until further notice.

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CFHS Daily Announcement by Daniel

CFHS Daily announcement 9/7/2016  Click the link and hear and watch todays CFHS Daily announcement.  Daniel is on the right with the Mana tea time cup.

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Read a Classic online

Looking for a book to read online? Check out The books offered are basically in the public forum but if its a classic and you haven’t read it before, this is a great site to find it.

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New page featuring Cuyahoga Falls Black Tiger 7th grade Boys Basketball

Jump over the basketball page and check out the games being played by the 7th graders. Haven’t won a game yet, but still fun to watch.


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First Scrimmage for the 7th Grade CF Boys Basketball

David plays in the first scrimmage of the year for the Cuyahoga Falls Black Tigers 7th Grade Boys Basketball team. Continue reading

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Learning SSH by solving puzzles

Was browsing the net trying to find something to occupy my time and found this site that lets you learn ‘ssh’ while solving puzzles.  Check and start the recommended bandit wargame, and see how far you get.  Google becomes a close friend as you try to get through each level.  What will happen is you will learn the command line, and the how to use ssh to secure your communications.  Hope you have fun and learn a bit of something new.


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Daniel is Awarded Outstanding Individual for Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday night Daniel was awarded, Outstanding Individual for Jazz Ensemble.  Pictured here with his Band Director Brandon DuVall.  A great night of great music from all the bands.   What a proud and happy looking young man.  Click here for a video link to the Jazz Ensemble.

Daniel and His Band Director Brandon Duvall

Daniel was awarded the Outstanding Individual for Jazz ensemble-May 12, 2015. Seen here after the Ceremony with his Band Director Brandon DuVall.

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Today More Than 9th Grade.

Today my Son started High School in 9th Grade.  Along with that he started taking College Credit courses. He enrolled at Stark State and was accepted in the spring.   Here he is taking a seat in front of the college sign where he is enrolled.  I couldn’t be prouder.  What a bright and intelligent young man.  Best of luck and today is his first day of making it all count.

Daniel_Stark State

Day before High School begins for Daniel he takes a sit down at the college he will be earning credits for.

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Bolich Middle School Jazz Band

Great group of kids getting an early jump on playing jazz as a dedicated jazz band.  Check them out here on Youtube!  This was recorded at Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium, for the Bolich Middle school Spring Concert, 2014.  What a great job they all did.  What a fantastic job by the Band director Miss Amy Wooley.  Lets remember they are still in Middle School and have only been practicing as a Jazz band for a few months a few times a week prior to this concert.  The only one here with all the experience is the Drummer and the director.


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