Replace your DynDNS

Do you access your home network from the road?� Do have a dynamic IP address you need to always have access to when away from the office?� Then you probably use a DNS service that offers a way to redirect you to the correct IP based off of a preconfigured URL.� Most of us try to use a free service just for these reasons and one of the big players in that field just announced they are getting rid of the free portion of their offerings and going to a pay only plan. DynDNS is a good service and may be worth what they are asking but when you are used to free, well you were used to free. � There is hope because there are other free options out there. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal to pick up a new service and be back in action quick enough.� Here is a list of some free options out there:

FreeDNS – – I give my nod to this one.

Hopper –� – Open source and developer friendly.

No-IP – Ends up steering you to the paid service.� If you like it, why not pay?

EntryDNS –� – I keep wanting to call it Easy not Entry.� Looks easy enough.


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