Choosing a Razor

What a chore it was to shave. I say, was, because the task has become a bit less chore like. I recently purchased a new safety razor and the difference it has made is tremendous. I used many of the multi-blade styles from all the manufactures for a long time. I stopped at the 3 blade style and with the costs of replacement cartridges I had to find a different solutions. I read a lot of articles on the subject of shaving. One in particular, Learn to Shave Like Your Grandpa, put me on the hunt for a “Safety Razor.”� I could not find a safety razor anywhere, and the closest place was about 40 miles away in an upscale mall.� A friend finally offered to give me one to try that they had extra. I eagerly took it home and cleaned it up.

My first attempts were not as successful as I was hoping it would of been.� My shave was close and in some spots real close, as in cuts and blood close.� I learned how to use this razor and suffered nicks and some gashes, until I became an expert of the contours of my own face.� I dealt with this razor for many years until the blade need another changing and I couldn’t open it.� This razor opened butterfly style and it just would not open.� I had to take 2 sets of pliers to get it open and the razor this time suffered and was in disrepair.� Back to disposable until I found a replacement.� I read many reviews and decided on a Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor.

When it arrived I had already shaved that day so I would have to wait until the next day. Not very often do I want my beard to grow fast but that night I was looking forward to having some stubble to slay in the morning. The next morning I soaked my face under the hot shower for enough time to get the stubble nice and soft and ready for a close shave. I applied the lather via a brush and Glycerin Soap. Took out the razor and took the first stroke. At first I thought it might be defective and the blade wasn’t sticking far enough past the safety/guide bar. I rubbed the spot I just pulled the razor though and it was SMOOTH. Wow kinda smooth. I kept shaving and checking until I finished and then rinsed off. Again I ran my hand across my chin and it was the best shave I ever had. I highly recommend giving a safety razor a try. I have now been using the Merkur for a few months and currently using the Wilkinson Sword Double Edge single Razor Cartridge, 5 blades. Not only will you get a great shave, but you will also save money in the long run.

Check out the “Art of Manliness” website for other manly discussions and how-tos. If you know of some good sites related to shaving, comment here I would love to read them.

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