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Read a Classic online

Looking for a book to read online? Check out The books offered are basically in the public forum but if its a classic and you haven’t read it before, this is a great site to find it.

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Learning SSH by solving puzzles

Was browsing the net trying to find something to occupy my time and found this site that lets you learn ‘ssh’ while solving puzzles.  Check and start the recommended bandit wargame, and see how far you get.  Google becomes a … Continue reading

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What Movie to Watch Tonight?

Heard about a movie you want to watch?  Maybe a friend told you about this great movie he watched a few years ago that might be something you would be interested in.  Where do you start?  You could put some … Continue reading

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Paleo Foods from

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my diet. Knowing what foods you should eat becomes a major part in dieting. I have searched the web and signed up for many newsletters, which I will link to in another … Continue reading

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Replace your DynDNS

Do you access your home network from the road?� Do have a dynamic IP address you need to always have access to when away from the office?� Then you probably use a DNS service that offers a way to redirect … Continue reading

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A nice RSS reader that received the top honors from Life Hacker’s top 5 list.� Check them out here.� Feedly. Life Hacker also has some links to the “Must Have Add-ons” for not only Feedly but other Apps you might … Continue reading

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Lake Street Dive, a great sounding band.

Ever hear of Lake Street Dive?� I have found my way to their videos on and love the sound.� Try this song, “You Go Down Smooth,” on for size.� Check them out on here, Lake Street Dive.� If you … Continue reading

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