Bad Migration

I tried to migrate from the blog I had been testing at to the main domain and wouldn’t you know it there was problems.  I found it quicker and easier to just start fresh.  I will be doing some cut and pasting from the old one to this for the better posts.

This site will be mainly about Tech, Family, Food and my Life as I take on the Paleo Diet.  I will cover restaurant visits and my like and dislikes.  My reviews of area attraction here in North-East Ohio and anywhere else I happen to wander to.  You might even get some of my music likes, gaming choices and internet sites I like to visit.  So hang on and take this trip with me.

The themes may change a bit here in the beginning as I try to find one that fits the look and feel I am shooting for so if you see one that I am trying out that you like, please leave a comment.   And if you see one you just can’t stand…well say that too.  Well it has been a long day and I finally have this working so I will sign off for the evening and leave you with a link to a very good rendition of Mingus’s – Moanin’ on Youtube.

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