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I am constantly looking for ways to improve my diet. Knowing what foods you should eat becomes a major part in dieting. I have searched the web and signed up for many newsletters, which I will link to in another post. For this story I will link a great site and article that has a list of all the Paleo foods and guidelines regarding those food choices. Paleo is about eating clean and not eating the processed foods that make it convenient and easy for todays society. That is one of the biggest problems with why people have become so unhealthy, is that there is too much processed food.� Processed foods are better known as “JUNK” food. I have taken a mind set of, “if its in a box or can, its probably processed.” Many people think that canned veggies are good for you. Take a closer look at that label. In order to can a food, the manufacturer has to add preservatives to keep it “safe” to eat and give it shelf life. When grocery shopping I stick to the outside walls in order to stay away from all the processed foods. Most if not all grocery stores have all the unproccessed foods that a Paleo subscriber would be looking for along the perimeter of the store. Usually this is Produce, then meats, fish, then diary, (have to pass on dairy to get to the eggs). The only times I travel through the rest of the store is to find spices, oils and nuts that might not of been placed in my “zone”. With that little bit of a tip and the list from Paleo Plan, eat fresh and make the food yourself.

Here is that link, and happy shopping.

Paleo Plan Food Guide – from

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