Paleo Asparagus – Oven Roasted

I hated most vegetables except for cooked corn, raw carrots, and raw green peppers.� I learned to love vegetables and even one of my least favorite vegetables, Asparagus, became one of my go to favorites for lunch, dinner and snacks.� I cook this veggie up when ever I have to heat up the oven and have some on hand.


1 or 2 bunches of asparagus (1 or 2 lbs) – bottom ends trimmed off (about an inch taken off)

2 Tbs of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), can substitute coconut oil or ghee, it’s your choice here.

Pepper to taste

2 or 3 Tbs of�Parmesan cheese (optional for the non paleo types or those watching salt intake)

1 tsp of salt for the non salt wary (I personally leave it out)

1 or 2 minced cloves of garlic (again optional)


Preheat oven to anything over 375f (I usually go around 375 to 425 as I am usually cooking with something else).

Toss the asparagus with all ingredients that you have selected and layer evenly on an baking sheet lined with alum. foil.

Place in oven and cook for 18-30 minutes depending on how crunchy you want it and how hot the oven.� I suggest checking around the 18 minute mark.

Eat with your meal or grab a few here and there as a healthy snack.

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