Learning SSH by solving puzzles

Was browsing the net trying to find something to occupy my time and found this site that lets you learn ‘ssh’ while solving puzzles.  Check Ovethewire.org and start the recommended bandit wargame, and see how far you get.  Google becomes a close friend as you try to get through each level.  What will happen is you will learn the command line, and the how to use ssh to secure your communications.  Hope you have fun and learn a bit of something new.


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Daniel is Awarded Outstanding Individual for Jazz Ensemble

Tuesday night Daniel was awarded, Outstanding Individual for Jazz Ensemble.  Pictured here with his Band Director Brandon DuVall.  A great night of great music from all the bands.   What a proud and happy looking young man.  Click here for a video link to the Jazz Ensemble.

Daniel and His Band Director Brandon Duvall

Daniel was awarded the Outstanding Individual for Jazz ensemble-May 12, 2015. Seen here after the Ceremony with his Band Director Brandon DuVall.

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Today More Than 9th Grade.

Today my Son started High School in 9th Grade.  Along with that he started taking College Credit courses. He enrolled at Stark State and was accepted in the spring.   Here he is taking a seat in front of the college sign where he is enrolled.  I couldn’t be prouder.  What a bright and intelligent young man.  Best of luck and today is his first day of making it all count.

Daniel_Stark State

Day before High School begins for Daniel he takes a sit down at the college he will be earning credits for.

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Bolich Middle School Jazz Band

Great group of kids getting an early jump on playing jazz as a dedicated jazz band.  Check them out here on Youtube!  This was recorded at Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium, for the Bolich Middle school Spring Concert, 2014.  What a great job they all did.  What a fantastic job by the Band director Miss Amy Wooley.  Lets remember they are still in Middle School and have only been practicing as a Jazz band for a few months a few times a week prior to this concert.  The only one here with all the experience is the Drummer and the director.


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What Movie to Watch Tonight?

Heard about a movie you want to watch?  Maybe a friend told you about this great movie he watched a few years ago that might be something you would be interested in.  Where do you start?  You could put some leg work into this and hit all the rental stores in town.  Or you could check out the library.  My local library does have a decent collection, but you usually have to get on a waiting list for the newest titles. Then you could decide to try the Internet; Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, etc.

Since you are on the Internet, save Continue reading

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No-Salt Seasoning

I stated in an earlier post that I would post this no-salt seasoning mix. My wife put this together to allow me to season food without any added salt. I have been really cutting back on eating junk food, processed food, salt, wheat, legumes and sweets. Basically I have eliminated them from my diet.

I hardly used salt to begin with, but after reading labels I found I was eating way too much unseen salt. So now I prepare roughly 95% of my food.� To add some extra flavor, I reach for an old seasoning jar my wife has filled with a pretty tasty blend of powders and herbs. So without much further adieu here is the recipe.

My Wife’s No-Salt Seasoning

  • 5 tsp. Onion powder
  • 1 Tbs Garlic Powder
  • 1 Tbs Paprika (just the normal stuff not the hot Hungarian)
  • 1 Tbs ground mustard
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. celery seeds
  • 1 tsp. dried thyme

Mix together and store in an airtight container.� Use in place of table salt.

I put it on food just before cooking but not as an ingredient.� Basically don’t add it to a recipe in place of actual salt.� When a recipe calls for salt, I just omit the salt.� I tend to use this as someone would when sitting down at the table after dishing up their meal.� I also put it on top of baked foods to add flavor such as my Paleo Asparagus.

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Choosing a Razor

What a chore it was to shave. I say, was, because the task has become a bit less chore like. I recently purchased a new safety razor and the difference it has made is tremendous. I used many of the multi-blade styles from all the manufactures for a long time. I stopped at the 3 blade style and with the costs of replacement cartridges I had to find a different solutions. I read a lot of articles on the subject of shaving. One in particular, Learn to Shave Like Your Grandpa, put me on the hunt for a “Safety Razor.”� I could not find a safety razor anywhere, and the closest place was about 40 miles away in an upscale mall.� A friend finally offered to give me one to try that they had extra. I eagerly took it home and cleaned it up.

My first attempts were not as successful as I was hoping it would of been.� My shave was close and in some spots real close, as in cuts and blood close.� I learned how to use this razor and suffered nicks and some gashes, until I became an expert of the contours of my own face.� I dealt with this razor for many years until the blade need another changing and I couldn’t open it.� This razor opened butterfly style and it just would not open.� I had to take 2 sets of pliers to get it open and the razor this time suffered and was in disrepair.� Back to disposable until I found a replacement.� I read many reviews and decided on a Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor.

When it arrived I had already shaved that day so I would have to wait until the next day. Not very often do I want my beard to grow fast but that night I was looking forward to having some stubble to slay in the morning. The next morning I soaked my face under the hot shower for enough time to get the stubble nice and soft and ready for a close shave. I applied the lather via a brush and Glycerin Soap. Took out the razor and took the first stroke. At first I thought it might be defective and the blade wasn’t sticking far enough past the safety/guide bar. I rubbed the spot I just pulled the razor though and it was SMOOTH. Wow kinda smooth. I kept shaving and checking until I finished and then rinsed off. Again I ran my hand across my chin and it was the best shave I ever had. I highly recommend giving a safety razor a try. I have now been using the Merkur for a few months and currently using the Wilkinson Sword Double Edge single Razor Cartridge, 5 blades. Not only will you get a great shave, but you will also save money in the long run.

Check out the “Art of Manliness” website for other manly discussions and how-tos. If you know of some good sites related to shaving, comment here I would love to read them.

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Paleo Kabobs

The weather in my back yard was so nice Sunday, I had to fire up some charcoal and grill some food. What better way to celebrate the weather than with some Pork and Pineapple Paleo Kabobs. This is such a simple recipe that I was amazed at how well they came out. You can change up the main ingredients to fit with what you have on hand. I looked over the veggies I had and decided to use some yellow squash, green zucchini, green pepper and some red onion. I had been shopping early that day and had bought some pork boneless ribs (not really ribs). You can use chicken or beef or another meat or no meat at all if you want. My wife suggested the pineapple and she was right, grilled pineapple is fantastic all on its own.

So here is the list of ingredients:
1 small green pepper ( cut in 1 inch by 1 inch squares) estimate the size, you don’t need to measure.
1 or 2 small zucchini – chopped in chunks about 1in by 1in again.
1 small yellow squash – same as above chopped in chunks.
1 or 2 red onions quartered. More if you love onions
1 pineapple chopped in chunks
1 to 1-1/2 lbs of pork. this weight was good for the 4 of us in the house (1/2 lb per person who will actually eat with some left over)
1 or 2 Tbs of your choice of oil. (I use EVOO).
Black Pepper to taste and Salt if you must, but I use a home made no salt mix my wife made to keep salt out of the diet. (will have the no salt recipe in later posting)


Start coals in a chimney smoker and then soak about 12 skewers in water. After 10 min of soaking you can start to arrange the food on the skewers.

Prep Kabobs:
Place a piece of meat followed by one of each item, and start again till you fill up the skewer (meat, zucchini, onion, pineapple, squash, green pepper, then meat again). Move on to next skewer. If you are ending up with too much of one item, double it up on skewers. You can also make a skewer with only the 1 item. I had 2 full skewers with nothing but pork and 1 with nothing but pineapple. Brush kabobs with oil and season with pepper and other seasoning mix as you desire.


Set up your grille for medium heat, and let the grate heat up (5 min). Place kabobs evenly across grille. rotate kabobs every few minutes to ensure that the port is cooked through. Check a guide on proper temp if you have a thermometer the USDA recommends 145 deg F.�� I usually wait till the pink is gone and cook a few minutes more then I move the kabobs to a cooler part of the grille to keep the kabob warm while the rest finish cooking. Keep an eye on the kabobs to make sure the veggies are not burning, if they are again move to a cooler area and the meat will just take longer to cook.

Serve and enjoy!!

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Paleo Foods from PaleoPlan.com

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my diet. Knowing what foods you should eat becomes a major part in dieting. I have searched the web and signed up for many newsletters, which I will link to in another post. For this story I will link a great site and article that has a list of all the Paleo foods and guidelines regarding those food choices. Paleo is about eating clean and not eating the processed foods that make it convenient and easy for todays society. That is one of the biggest problems with why people have become so unhealthy, is that there is too much processed food.� Processed foods are better known as “JUNK” food. I have taken a mind set of, “if its in a box or can, its probably processed.” Many people think that canned veggies are good for you. Take a closer look at that label. In order to can a food, the manufacturer has to add preservatives to keep it “safe” to eat and give it shelf life. When grocery shopping I stick to the outside walls in order to stay away from all the processed foods. Most if not all grocery stores have all the unproccessed foods that a Paleo subscriber would be looking for along the perimeter of the store. Usually this is Produce, then meats, fish, then diary, (have to pass on dairy to get to the eggs). The only times I travel through the rest of the store is to find spices, oils and nuts that might not of been placed in my “zone”. With that little bit of a tip and the list from Paleo Plan, eat fresh and make the food yourself.

Here is that link, and happy shopping.

Paleo Plan Food Guide – from PaleoPlan.com

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Replace your DynDNS

Do you access your home network from the road?� Do have a dynamic IP address you need to always have access to when away from the office?� Then you probably use a DNS service that offers a way to redirect you to the correct IP based off of a preconfigured URL.� Most of us try to use a free service just for these reasons and one of the big players in that field just announced they are getting rid of the free portion of their offerings and going to a pay only plan. DynDNS is a good service and may be worth what they are asking but when you are used to free, well you were used to free. � There is hope because there are other free options out there. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal to pick up a new service and be back in action quick enough.� Here is a list of some free options out there:

FreeDNS – https://freedns.afraid.org/ – I give my nod to this one.

Hopper – https://www.hopper.pw/� – Open source and developer friendly.

No-IP https://www.noip.com/ – Ends up steering you to the paid service.� If you like it, why not pay?

EntryDNS – https://entrydns.net/� – I keep wanting to call it Easy not Entry.� Looks easy enough.


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