Netflix.com – Watching shows and movies on the web.

Flickr.com – Flickr is one of the most popular Photography sites on the net.

Global Tuners – SDR Web based Radio via Global Tuners.

Reddit.com – Known as the Front Page of the internet.

Youtube.com – If you like watching Videos, then you probably do Youtube.

Twitch.tv – Watching live streams of mostly games is what will make you Twitch.

ghacks.net – Some nice info on doing different stuff in tech.

LifeHacker.com – Tips and Downloads for hacking your life

Facebook – Yea, yea, it’s Facebook.

djrinehart.com – My son’s page

Linux Mint – I like Mint flavored Linux

CraigsList – If you need something cheap, want to check prices – specific Akron/Canton

Kim Komando – She is all about the Digital World.

How-To Geek – all kinds of tech how-to articles to help you do tech stuff

Buzzfeed – Feeding the news junkie.


Primal Blueprint found on Marks Daily apple.

Loseit on Reddit A quick start guide to losing weight.
Day one of your weight loss journey

TDEE Calculator for weight loss Use it to find how much you need or don’t need to eat.

Cron-O-Meter Track your food, exercise, weight loss.

Hungry Girl Recipes Healthy recipes to help with weight loss.
Laaloosh More healthy recipes to help with weight loss.
Fat To Fit Chick – Some Keto recipes.

Keto Calculator – use to find your macros on what to eat to lose weight.

i breathe im hungry

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